Hotel Hyundai Ulsan

Hotel Hyundai Ulsan is a business hotel, adjacent to Hyundai Heavy Industries, the top shipbuilder in the world, and a bathing resort in the beautiful eastern coast of South Korea. With a wealth of experience in hosting numerous international events, accommodating national guests and providing top class services, the hotel has been known as í░Ulsaní»s Best Hotelí▒ and í░ The Best Hotel for Business and Sightseeingí▒ since it opened in January 1983.

Through continuous improvements and innovations, Hotel Hyundai Ulsan will continue to provide you with the best quality services for your happiness and comfort.
Address 875, Bangeonsunhwando-ro, Dong-gu, Ulsan
Homepage http://en.hyundaihotel.com/ulsan/
Ulsan Airport - Taxi : Takes about 20 minutes
Taehwagang station
or Terminal
- Taxi : Takes about 20 minutes
- Bus : Bangeojin-bound buses 1114, 1401, 401, 108, 133 (get off at the main entrance of Hyundai
Heavy Industries) 1104 (get off at Hanmaeum Hall)
Ulsan KTX - Express Limousine : Takes about 1 hour